In-between my Sheets. CHURCH QUEENS 1

Have you ever met a church queen? You know the type I mean … Jesus on the streets and a freak in the sheets, his daddy, uncle or grandfather, is the pastor of a church, evangelist or elder.

In my limited but effective time on earth, I have met two types of church queens, and for this conversation, we’ll give them titles.

We have the church mother – he is the one who will fuck you, but can’t be with you because it’s a sin.

We all know him, you meet him mostly on some social network ( Jack'd, Facebook, etc..) he is charming, he seems so cool at first, and then suddenly he goes MIA for a while typically when his programming of hating all things gay steps in. Yup, that guy!

I dated one of these already... well it wasn’t a date as much as a hook up ( tentative hook up ). I was 22. Those were days when Adam 4 Adam was where it was at – these days I suggest they should just buy shares in Jack’d. So my hookup came over. Call him Feel Good. Attractive, tall-ish, thick lips ( I’m a sucker for lips,) Feel Good had all the things that make me go all juicy fruity ( yes juicy fruity). So we laid in my bed watching Netflix, back then I wasn’t an initiator, so I wasn’t starting NOTHING if he didn't make the first move. So we just talked midway into the conversation.

He said

Do you know what I do?

I said no

( thinking Oh God where is this shit going ). He pulled up a YouTube video of him…. Preaching. Yes, I—said-- PREACHING! He was a pastor! A PASTOR –OH SHIT! I had a Pastor Feel Good in between my sheets …

Now I have done some things, all of which I will proudly say I’ve done… BUT... a priest in my bed… SIGH.

Nothing happened ( ok we just kissed... it was good, though, ) and he tried to have sex he claimed he had a 10-inch dick, we’ve all heard that story before. I got turned off not because he was a pastor but rather because of where the conversation went after I found out. I asked him his views on homosexuality. He said he believed it was wrong, and that gay people have no place in heaven, the Bible says according to Pastor Feel Good, it was an abomination. But ….. Still here he is in my bed trying to smash. Now ain’t that some contradictory shit! I mean, I know I am EVERYTHING, but to have someone risk his ‘salvation’ just to have sex with me is too much pressure, so I excused him, and told him it wasn’t going to happen … he was pissed; I didn’t care.

You see the church mothers are those who have been programmed from a young age by religion to believe that who they are innately is wrong, and if they do not adjust or change this, and marry a woman they will go to hell. This sense of internalized homophobia prevents such men from being able to form healthy relationships and being authentic to who they are because they have been indoctrinated to believe that being gay is a sin.

The second type of church queen is my favorite. This—one—here, honey! I call him the choir member

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