Our human response to COVID-19.

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Our human response to COVID-19.

Everyone and everything is adjusting to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and a hug is either the last thing or the only thing you want right now. While we can’t physically hug, we are inspired by sharing and want to ignite a space where community and their health care providers exchange information on holistic sexual health and wellness in light of the evolving science of COVID-19.


We want to encourage you to continue giving what you can when you can, whether it’s your time, talent or a treasured resource; and most importantly, staying safe and social while being physically distant (or not-so physically distant for those of us sheltering at home with a partner). HUGS is our human response to engage our community during this time, and it will be your resource hub for sexual health care, connection, and community.  So, open your heart and virtual arms and latch onto us.

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LGBTQ + Sexual Wellness

The first in the HUGS Video series featured a Q+A between LGBTQ+ community and physicians about COVID-19 and how sexual wellness factors in. 

Black Girl Magic, During COVID-19

Black women are magic, pandemic or not. In our most recent video, Black women sat down to explore how COVID has impact them, love and care. Watch as the magic unfolds.